Troy Products Adjustable Consoles

Troy Products offers adjustable consoles for applications where flexibility is required. The adjustable consoles are a two-piece design: top and bottom. The bottom piece bolts directly to the floor plate. Because of its open (two-walled) design, it’s easier to complete required wiring. The top piece bolts to the bottom piece. Seven (7) bolt holes oriented vertically and spaced .5” apart, (center to center) are pre-punched onto both front and rear side walls of the bottom piece so you can set the top piece in a variety of positions. At the lowest, level position, the console height is 6.5”. At the highest, level position, the console height is 9.5”. At the highest pitched position, the console height (at front) is 10”, 8.5” (mid-way), and 7” tall (at the low end). The adjustability of this console is a great feature when working with long, single-piece equipment. For applications where additional height is required (trucks, vans, e.g.), the two-piece adjustable consoles are also available in “tall” models where the maximum height is 16.125”

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