2-Wire Surveillance Earpiece with PTT Microphone

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The SE440 heavy duty two wire surveillance earpiece is a great option when discrete communications are required. The SE200 features a quick release style mushroom tipped surveillance earpiece. A Push-to-talk (PTT) button / microphone is on a separate extended length wire that can be clipped to your lapel (clip included), hidden inside a pocket, or routed down a sleeve. •Transparent "surveillance style" tube connects to earpiece speaker
•Clear, mushroom shaped speaker fits directly into ear
•Quick release connector for earpiece tube
•Push-to-talk button is attached to separate extended length wire.
•Push-to-talk button can be clipped to lapel, stored inside a pocket, or fed down a sleeve and held in hand (for "secret service" style communications)
•Heavy duty lapel clips attached to both PTT button and base of earpiece
•Earpiece wire: 40 inches. PTT wire: 52 inches. Both are measured from the radio connector.
•Connectors available: K1, M1, M6, S6, S8, and Y4
•One Year Manufacturer warranty
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