3' American Hook Handle

Item #: LH-LT-3AH-01
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3' American Hook Handle
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Pro-Lite construction is hollow pultruded fiberglass with Hi-Viz color for locating in dark areas
• Reflective striping added to help locate tool in dark areas
• The D-Handle & heads are bonded to the fiberglass with strong two part epoxy & steel pins
• All Hooks are fabricated with American steel
HiViz Orange w/D-handle(PLO-3AH-D)
HiViz Yellow w/D-handle(PLY-3AH-D)
HiViz Limew/D-handle (PLL-3AH-D)
HiViz Orange w/Butt end(PLO-3AH-b)
HiViz Yellow w/Butt end(PLY-3AH-b)
HiViz Limew/Butt end(PLL-3AH-b)