Blackhawk! Elite Level IIIA Special Threat Soft Armor with S.T.R.I.K.E.® Cutaway Tactical Armor Carrier

Item #: BH-32B4____-ST3A4-01
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• Lightweight: only 3.5 lbs; lightest cutaway available
• Non Slip HawkTex Material on shoulders for weapon retention
• Secure release strap has a round handle that is secured inside a protective band of nylon on the front panel shoulder
• Simple construction that is very easy to reassemble in under 59 seconds!
• Adjustable waist and shoulder system for girth and torso length for tailored fit
• Full outer vest area usage for any S.T.R.I.K.E.®/MOLLE/ Speed Clip™ pouch configurations
• Carrier - holds all BLACKHAWK!® soft Level IIIA armor as well as armor plates (up to 10.5” x 13.25”) on front and back
• Accessories: accommodates Level IIIA, collar, groin, yoke, side plates and biceps
• Heavy Duty Drag Handle
Item Numbers: 32B401BK-ST3A4 32B402BK-ST3A4 32B403BK-ST3A4 32B404BK-ST3A4 32B401CT-ST3A4 32B402CT-ST3A4 32B403CT-ST3A4 32B404CT-ST3A4 32B401OD-ST3A4 32B402OD-ST3A4 32B403OD-ST3A4 32B404OD-ST3A4 32B401MC-ST3A4 32B402MC-ST3A4 32B403MC-ST3A4 32B404MC-ST3A4