Broco Easylight Cutting Rods

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Carefully and strategically designed by our research and development engineers, the Easylight rods have been constructed with the needs, operations and skills of the user at the forefront. And, because it is a Broco rod, Easylight yields unequaled performance in terms of burn time, length of cut per rod, evenness of burn and minimal smoke.

These special rods:

Easily ignite with the simplicity of a 9V battery or open flame
Eliminate the need for large and bulky batteries, the striker plate and cables
Burn long - for 1 minute, 30 seconds which mean more cuts per rod
Provide the lowest cost for enhanced ingition cutting rods
Contain no hazardous materials
Consume approximately 10 cu. ft of O2 per rod
Are easy to carry and easy to store
Can be shipped anywhere in the world