Broco PC/MIL-60 Cutting Torch Kit

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The Broco® PC/MIL-60 cutting kit is used on recovery vehicles and service trucks, in field maintenance shops and heavy equipment repair centers. The PC/MIL-60 is an economical, efficient means of enhancing recovery and repair capabilities while improving operator safety.
The PC/MIL-60 credentials include field testing at Fort Knox and Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and use in Kuwait during Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a Basic Inventory Item on the Army's M88A2 Recovery Vehicle and the General Dynamics M-1 based Abrams recovery vehicle (AMV-90), and British MOD Challenger Recovery Vehicle (CARRV).
The PC/MIL-60 Cutting Torch Kit includes
Broco® Cutting Torch with 30' hose and cables and 30 ft hose/cable extension set
Cutting rod extender, providing 36" additional reach for safety standoff while cutting reactive metals or items under tension
High volume oxygen regulator
NATO Slave Plug
Tinted safety goggles (#5 shade)
Leather welder's gloves
Broco® cutting rods, 3/8" x 36"
Pelican storage case
Parts and accessories

NOTE: Oxygen supply and electric source are user supplied.