CoolMax Duty Brown Socks

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FEATURES: * Brown with marled Tan heel and footpad
* 18% CoolMax®
* 71% Cotton
* 8% Nylon
* 3% Lycra
* Fits Men's Sizes 10 - 13
CoolMax A high-performance, four-channel fiber engineered to move moisture and speed evaporation. It is a superior fiber for wicking action, drying time, moisture absorption and transport. Cotton A lightweight, moisture absorbing fiber. No other fabric offers the comfort and feel of nature's own fiber. It's breathable, washable and bio-degradable too. Nylon A very strong, versatile, long wearing fiber which can be thin and silky or bulky and highly elastic. Nylon added to other fibers improves stretch and durability. Lycra Spandex DuPont's brand of spandex fiber that adds four-way stretch and recovery to increase form fitting ability.