E41: Flexible Weather Resistant Cut-To-Length Lighting Strips

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E41: Flexible Weather Resistant Cut-To-Length Lighting Strips

Available in custom length sections from 4.5” – 16.5’ *4.5” Increments only

•Ultra-thin 3/16" strip surface-mounts easily in tight spaces
•High flexibility conforms to irregular surfaces
•Reliable performance over 50,000 hours
•Shock and vibration proof, as well as moisture-resistant design
•High quality LED's don't change color over time
•Redundant current paths for damage resistance
•Heavy copper for heat removal
•Lifetime Warranty

Dimensions: 3/16” x Lengths up to 16.5’
•Lumens: 50 per LED (white)
•Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
•Current: 0.1A per 4.5” section in WHITE (RGB color current varies)
•LEDs: 3 per 4.5” section
•Temperature: Remains flexible to -40C
•Wire: 9” Pigtail
•Mounting: Mounts with secure 3-M tape

E41-304X-1 Flexible LED Light RGB 18" Four-Wire
E41-A010-1 Flexible LED Light Amber 4.5" No Wire
E41-B010-1 Flexible LED Light Blue 4.5" No Wire
E41-G010-1 Flexible LED Light Green 4.5" No Wire
E41-R010-1 Flexible LED Light Red 4.5" No Wire
E41-W010-1 Flexible LED Light White 4.5" No Wire