First Tactical G&G Delta Wing CBC Holster for Glock 19

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The Concealed Bag Carry Holster or "CBC Holster" is a light weight, ultra-high impact, thermo-molded polymer mid-ride Level 1 holster that is formed to fit specific handguns. It is a suede lined concealment holster. The CBC Holster has a hook pad to mate with loop on a backpack, duffel bag or loop on a vest. The Pad allows you to adjust cant and the tension screws allow you adjust for firm or easier draw.

  • Patent pending open front and open back construction provides a fast, forgiving draw
  • Pad is constructed from a soft liner reinforced with a polymer that is laminated to a hook material
  • Adjustable cant to accommodate body types and draw preference
  • Ejection port and trigger guard retention for sound level 1 retention
  • Audible auto lock upon holstering allows user to ensure the weapon is properly holstered