FOX 40 Caul Official with Fingergrip

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Soft, comfortable and flexible form-fitting fingergrip.

A referee whistle like no other!
**Official Whistle of the NHL**

Introducing the NEW Fox 40 Caul! The Caul is Fox 40’s first fingergrip-style whistle designed specifically to encompass a flexible fingergrip. Composed of a strong polycarbonate body with integrated over-mold CMG technology, Fox 40 has combined the pealess whistle and fingergrip together in one continuous design.

Dual-chamber pealess technology, combined with years of proprietary research and development, has resulted in a one-of-a-kind all-encompassing whistle and fingergrip. The Fox 40 Caul features a sleek design and highly-durable yet flexible rubber form-fitting fingergrip. Fox 40 has evolved traditional beat pea-style technology in to a pealess-style whistle without compromising the traditional harmonized trill tone. Crisp loud sound and extremely easy to blow.

Design: Dual-chamber pealess
Sound Power: 110 dB
Weight: 0.07 lbs