FOX 40 Flex Coil 3-Pack

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Multiple use flex coil - use around your wrist, arm... or even your neck!

Adding more value to your whistle!

A convenient, flexible and comfortable accessory for your wrist or arm. Fox 40 Flex Coils are made of high quality durable plastic with excellent spring-back memory. Perfect for all ages and uses - lifeguards, medical, corporate, kids, boating... and more!

Available in 12 Colors.
Weight: 0.05 lb

Additional Information:
Cuban lifeguard Alain chose his Fox 40 pealess whistle as his only lifesaving device. It was the one piece of rescue & safety equipment he felt could save a life over and above anything else. He has used the same Fox 40 Classic CMG pealess whistle for 11 years, and wears it around his neck using a flex coil!

•Easier access than on arm or wrist; in critical situations, can slide up his arm and then he can't find it
•Freedom to use either hand
•Knows where it is at all times, especially when he is in the water
•Doesn't impede swim to or with victim, won't fall off or lose it