FoxFury Breakthrough BT2 Yellow Right Angle Light

Item #: FF-380-BT2-YE
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Smoke cutting right angle spotlight that outperforms most box lights. Compact right angle LED spotlight with superior smoke cutting ability. The yellow BT2 utilizes FoxFury SMO-KUT technology, which enables it to deliver a far reaching 200 lumen, 2 degree beam that outperforms most box lights and high powered flashlights. From illuminating street addresses to long range inspections to locating persons or property, the BT2Â’s focused beam helps the user to better see & respond fasterÂ…especially in thick smoke and fog. This AA battery powered light clips to gear via the stainless steel clip or carabiner for hands-free use. The extra thick walls of the BT2 provide increased heat and impact resistance (survives 2-story fall). A rechargeable yellow BT2 model is also available.