HiNT-5130 Tower Mount for Flatscreen & Keyboard

Item #: HINT-5130-01
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Hosts Flat Display, Keyboard, & Control Unit for Ford Crown Victoria.
Display Mounting Plate
• Custom designed to fit any flat display. Display Ball Joint Adjustment
• Allows operator to tilt or swivel the display and the keyboard independently to achieve a safe and ergonomically pleasing position.
Display Height and Swivel Control
• Designed to gain access to the vehicle's instrument panel and to position it at the appropriate height.
Keyboard Support
• Flat mounting surface hosts most keyboards.
Mounting Base
• Mounts under central front seat bolts.
Mounting Brackets for Other Equipment
• Hardware necessary to hold the specific equipment (Radio, CPU, etc.) to be mounted at the base.
Extra Mounting Arms
• Extra arms can be added as needed to mount a wide selection of equipment.
Keyboard Height and Swivel Adjustment
• Twin arm system places keyboard within driver's reach for comfortable ergonomic operation. Stores the keyboard at the desired height and distance from the dashboard.