Lightweight Headset (PTT / VOX)

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The HS150 headset from XLT Communications was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. This lightweight headset is padded and adjustable, making it comfortable even when worn for long periods of time. The HS150 also supports both hands-free VOX and push-to-talk modes. •Soft plastic adjustable frame with soft padded speaker and support arm
•Adjustable boom microphone
•Works with the right or left ear
•Supports hands-free (VOX) or push to talk operation
•Push-to-talk button
•Medium-duty lapel clip
•Great for individuals who need a stable headset, or where maximum comfort is important, such as where an earpiece is needed for long stretches of time
•Connectors available: K1, M1, M6, S6, S8, and Y4
•One Year Manufacturer warranty
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