Lightweight Springless Sign Stand

Item #: BN-SZ312-E
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Designed to withstand moderate winds and light traffic conditions, the SZ-312 is both lightweight and affordable. Like all SafeZone Series Sign Stands, the SZ-312 features 3 multi-positional legs with both pull pin & kick release levers. The SZ-312 is the perfect choice for secondary roads,yards and urban areas. (May require additional ballast, such as sand bags.)
Like all SafeZone Series Sign Stands, the SZ-312Â’s new breakaway base is the first of its kind. It has been designed, if impacted,to rotate 90 degrees to the ground, causing no damage to the undercarriage of the impacting vehicle.
The SZ-312 is the economical choice for City/County Governments, Tree Surgeons, Landscapers and Surveyors.
Crash Designed Breakaway Base NCHRP350 Approved