Petzl DUO Z1 PACK (pack of 5 DUO Z1)

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Pack of five DUO Z1 headlamps - comes with charging rack that allows simultaneous charging of five batteries. DUO Z1 is a headlamp with a maximum 360 lumens of lighting that runs on a rechargeable battery. It is multi-beam, and has four lighting modes, making it adaptable to every situation: close-range work, proximity, movement and long-range vision. Featuring the FACE2FACE anti-glare function, the DUO Z1 headlamp allows those working in a group to face each other without blinding one another, enabling them to work more effectively together. It can be worn on VERTEX and ALVEO helmets, thanks to the included mounting plates. It meets ATEX zone 1/21 (II 2 GD Ex ib IIB T4 Gb IIIB T135° C Db) certification requirements for work in hazardous areas.

**Available May 2018**