Res-FQ Sling Pro

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The RES-Q SLING™ PRO search and rescue sling pack provides a unique hands-free minimalist sling design that gets you and your gear into tight spaces when lives depend on it.

The RES-Q SLING™ PRO offers versatility for confined space rescue teams, tactical response teams, and emergency search and rescue teams. The sling pack design fits diagonally across your body, taking up minimal space while offering significant storage and access to supplies. 4 large front side zippered pockets, 2 outer quick access pockets, and 4 large backside zippered pockets, and dual secured shears pockets provide ample storage for an assortment of supplies. A front side elastic mesh pouch sits just at arm’s length for quick access. Pockets on the backside can easily be rotated around your body to be accessed from the front, or the RES-Q SLING™ can be securely attached to your belt so it will not move if you are inverted. Constructed externally from non-absorbing wipe-clean infection control material designed specifically to easily clean and remove blood borne pathogens.


Oversized custom MERET zippers
Matte chrome metal hardware
Adjustable length
Double stitching on all stress points
Reflective front side panels and zipper logos
4 large front side zippered pockets, 4 large backside zippered pockets
2 outer quick access pockets
4 pen/ penlight sleeves
Elastic internal pouched for gloves with outer access
Dual secured shears pockets
Velcro belt attachment to secure in place