Stealth X Unlined Neoprene Gloves with Grip Tips and Digital Palms

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Created by Damascus Protective Gear™, leaders in full body protective gear for law enforcement, military, and beyond. The Damascus® Neoprene Stealth-X™ unlined gloves are one of the most preferred year-round search and duty gloves ever made. The overall hand flexibility from the neoprene, matched with the extreme sensitivity of our unique GripSkin™ digital print palms are the primary features behind this styles popularity. Whether shooting, searching a suspect, driving, etc. these gloves feel second-skin thin. Extremely durable and completely washable, they are a must-have! • Digital print palms made with unique GripSkin™ Technology providing extreme grip in wet or dry weather
• All-weather durability even in wet conditions
• Non-slip materials on fingertips (not on index trigger finger)
• Breathable Neoprene back
• NEW low profile wrist strap closure
• Washable