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The LKC holster combines the classic look and comfort of leather and the smooth draw afforded by suede with the tactical advantages of Kydex® The outer layer of the LKC is molded premium leather The inner layer is quality suede for quiet draws and unparalleled protection for the pistol. Hidden between these two layers is a rugged Kydex® holster. The pistol is securely gripped by the adjustable tension of the Kydex®. Three-layer holsters combine all the benefits of both leather and Kydex®. The leather and suede offer a classic look while strengthening and quieting the Kydex®. The Kydex® retains its tactical advantages, providing rigidity, safer re-holstering, and one-handed charging of the pistol. The adjustable tension of the Kydex provides a smooth, consistent draw from the first draw to the last with no stretching or loosening. The suede lining protects the finish of the pistol against abrasion from the Kydex®.