Tingley Magnaprene™ Overall

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Tingley Magnaprene™ Overall

Lightweight Magnaprene single coated neoprene on nylon overall. Made of nylon and coated with neoprene, this classic is still one of the toughest high performance overalls on the market today.

Ideal Applications: Petrochemical, Chemical, Off Shore Drilling, Mining, Fishing, and Forestry.

Chemical Resistance: Animal fats, certain acids, alcohols, caustics, oils, and certain solvents.

● Neoprene on nylon olive drab overalls.
● Stitched and taped seams for 100% waterproof protection.
● Take-up snaps on ankle cuffs for adjustable fit.
● Heavy duty snaps guaranteed not to fail.
● Mildew resistant.
● Flame resistant tested. Self extinguishing with flameout and afterglow less than or equal to 2 seconds after removal of ignition source and char length less than 6 inches. Test method ASTM D6413.
● Neoprene coating provides excellent abrasion performance and resists oils, acids, chemicals, and solvents.
● Nylon fabric provides excellent strength and durability.