Weldon NFPA Lower Zone A LED Lamp Kit

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Weldon NFPA Lower Zone A LED Lamp Kit:
• Long Life – individual LEDs are rated at over 100,000 hours of service. This results in years and years of trouble-free service! There are no replacement parts!
• Sealed Unit – sonic-welded base and lens assembly eliminates problems associated with water and dust infiltration. WTI’s LEDs utilize a sealed electrical connector – eliminating the concern of bad connections or faulty wires.
• Low Amp Draw – LEDs require only a fraction of the amp draw of incandescent lamps. This equates to longer battery life and lower alternator loads. WTI’s LEDs offer a wide voltage range 10 – 32V.
• Increased Safety – “Fast on-time” for increased reaction distance, motorists will see your apparatus quicker than with halogens or incandescents!
• Virtually Unbreakable – unique lamp shape and impact-resistant ABS material, this lamp can withstand direct hits that other lamps cannot
• Easy installation – WTI’s design allows total surface-mount installation and mates with existing

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