Gift Ideas for First Responders

Gift Ideas For First Responders

The holidays are quickly approaching, and we know how stressful getting everyone the perfect gift is, especially when you have a first responder on your list! They tend to be modest, their jobs are helping others after all, yet there are no other people that are more deserving this holiday!

Luckily, Emergency Responder Products carries a range of gifts that are accommodating to every budget! Take a look at our suggestions for that special first responder in your life!

For The Forgetful Firefighter 

Everyone’s had those mornings where the car keys are just nowhere to be found! Help the firefighter in your life’s keys stand out with a Custom Firefighter Key Chain Helmet Shield. It’s the perfect gift because...

A) It’s custom, and who doesn’t love a gift tailored specifically to them? 

B) It’s unique; a gift idea that incorporates the job, yet isn’t a fire fighting tool or equipment. 

For The Passionate Police Officer

Finding a gift for the police officer in your life can be tough, but you can’t go wrong with showing your support for him or her! A great idea is getting a Smith & Warren Family Mini Badge Ornament for the family’s Christmas tree! The ornament represents pride and shows support for the police officer, and if you share the same home as him or her it’s technically a gift for you too! It’s a win win gift, that’ll leave both of you we have to say much else? 

For The Frigid First Responder

With all the joy and excitement that the holiday season can bring, it’s easy to forget the cold and harsh weather it brings as well! We can’t forget that keeping first responders warm while on duty is extremely important! Game Sportswear “The Bravest” Diamond Quilt Jacket is the perfect jacket to help keep the person you love warm this winter. You can even customize it with our Deluxe Embroidery Package to have their name, engine number, or really anything you can imagine! We know how pranks in the fire house can go though, so just try and be nice when choosing the embroidery!

For The Extreme EMT

No one knows how much equipment and tools an EMT needs better than us! A Meret Omni Pro X is the perfect medical bag for organizing equipment. It’s durability and comfort is unmatched and will be sure to make the EMT in your life extremely happy! The only hard part for you is picking from our wide selection of colors! Our personal favorite though, is the red, perfect for the holidays don’t you think?

For The Picky Person

Gift cards! It may not be the most exciting gift, but let's face it some people are just way too hard to shop for! That’s why Emergency Responder Products offers gift cards in a range of amounts.

If a gift card isn’t the route you want to go in, but don’t want to make the mistake of getting the wrong gift, why not tell your first responder about our wishlist? It lets the person pick the perfect gift, and gives the option to either email it directly to you, or post it to his or her social media!

Happy Gift Giving!

We hope that these first responder gift ideas were helpful, and want to wish you and your family a very happy holiday! Happy gift giving!

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