Top 5 High Visibility Items You Need


HI-VIZ gear is important for not only EMTs, traffic safety professionals, police, and other first responders, but anyone who is out at night or in low visibility situations. Wearing HI-VIZ clothing can cut down the chances of fatal traffic accidents significantly. 

What’s some of the most important HI-VIZ clothing you should have? We’ve narrowed it down to 5 items that are necessary for your protection, whether you’re on the job or just walking the dog at night, you’re going to want to take a look at this list!

#1 Reflective Vests

Reflective vests are #1 on our list for a good reason; vests can be put over almost every garment! They can be worn over a jacket in the winter and over any t-shirt in the summer, so there’s really no excuse not to wear one! There’s also many variations of vests including job specific, surveyors, ANSI compliant, and glow in the dark, so it makes it easy to choose one that best fits your specific needs!

#2 HI-VIZ Jackets

HI-VIZ jackets, although not as versatile as vests, offer more protection and visibility. The jackets include reflective striping on the arms, shoulders, and chest, to increase your chances of being in everyone’s field of view. HI-VIZ jackets can also come in waterproof material, protecting you from not only traffic, but tumultuous weather as well.

#3 HI-VIZ Pants

While some people might think wearing reflective pants is overdoing it, think about how much more protected you are when a driver can see your whole silhouette. Remember your safety is the most important thing, so when you can increase your safety we say go for it!  Most ANSI compliant pants are waterproof and can easily and comfortably fit over any work pants. 

#4 Safety Work Gloves 

HI-VIZ safety work gloves are especially important for traffic safety professionals. When directing traffic, it’s important that drivers and pedestrians are able to see exactly what the person’s instructions are for everyone’s safety. We may be a little biased, but our favorite, and most popular, traffic glove is the 24/7 Reflective Traffic Gloves with Stop Sign. The reflective directional markers makes it easier to communicate signals to everyone on the road!

#5 ANSI Hats and Caps

Last, but not least, we have ANSI hats and caps on our list. HI-VIZ headwear  not only enhances your visibility, but protects your head from falling objects or cold winds. Whether you’re more of a knit hat or baseball cap person, HI-VIZ is offered in many different hat styles. 

Wearing HI-VIZ clothing has been proven to drastically improve safety for all involved in traffic!  Your safety is our number one priority at Emergency Responder Products, so we make sure to carry everything you need in personal protective equipment! 

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