Bank Charger for CE300 Radios

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Enjoy the convenience of an army of radios always ready for work. With an 8-Bank Charger, it’s easy to maintain the battery power of your fleet of radios, whether you have 8 or 80. The great thing about these chargers is the option of rotating batteries through by themselves. When you have radios that are nearly always in use, having a few extra batteries in the rotation will go a long way to keeping all your radios fully charged. As an inventory control system, these Bank Charger are invaluable in helping to keep track of your radios. In response to customer feedback, we have made these latest versions lighter, sleeker, and, frankly, better-looking. They also take up less space, without sacrificing ability. With the CE 300 Chargers, whether one slot is loaded or all eight, a full reload takes less than an hour.