BATFAN 20 NEO 110volt 50/60Hz - Running time 20 minutes

Item #: LR163-12-001N-01
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2 versions to choose from:

BATfan 20 with a 20-minute runtime at full speed (90 min @ 60%) and total weight of 54.4 lbs
BATfan 45 with a 45-minute runtime at full speed (200 min @ 60%)and total weight of 61.7 lbs

Open air flow on 110 or 220 V: 14,155 CFM

Open air flow on battery

BATfan 20: 12, 025 CFM
BATfan 45: 14,155 CFM

Totally self-contained

No cables: Avoids further accidents
No need for a generator or power socket

Compact & mobile

Folds up and stows easily in the trunk of a vehicle: 2 BATfans occupy the space of one conventional fan!
Portable by one person alone
Carrying handle and strap

Quicker to set up than conventional fans

No time wasted searching for a power socket: Starts off instantly
Easy set-up

Powerful concentrated jet of air with optimal combination of:

propeller specifically matched to the motor power
reinforced double-layer monobloc shroud
high-tech composite grille

Positioning from 3 ft to 20 ft in front of a door

Dual power source means greater flexibility:
Runs on battery or mains electricity if necessary (battery will automatically recharge at same time)


Tilt is adjustable from -10° to +30° due to locking system with angle indicator
Integred variable-speed drive
Powered by NiMH battery
Can recharge while in use
Low maintenance: 1 full recharge every 6 weeks
No restrictions on air transport
Battery charge indicator

Electric fan

No exhaust gases
Noise level lower than a petrol-driven engine

Use temperature

Use +14°F to +104°F
Storage 46°F to +95°F
Charging +32°F to +86°F (Charging recommended every 6 weeks)

Noise level

73,5 dB at 10ft

Dimensions L x H x D

20.5 x 21.5 x 10.1 inch

600 W with variable speed drive - IP55

Multi-use, can be used:

indoors or outdoors: protected against splashing water (IP55)
on its own at a building entrance for PPV
for PPV combined tactics with other fans:
as a relay in a corridor or stairwell
for attack in front of an apartment door for offensive ventilation
in blowing mode with duct (optional)
as a foam generator with adapter (optional)

Two BATfans together for even more flexibility

Taking up no more space than one standard fan, two BATfans give greater operational flexibility: at the building entrance for PPV tactic for more air flow for combined PPV tactic: one at the entrance, the other as relay or attack on a higher floor of a building