E11 Silho-X Area: Powerful Next-Generation Area Lighting (36 inch)

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E11 Silho-X Area: Powerful Next-Generation Area Lighting

Unbelievably thin, remarkably bright...

The simplified, water-tight design, unique circuitry and ultra-efficient low-glare lenses make this product line unmatched by our competition in price vs. performance. Even more amazing is that all of these features are provided in a package that is less than 0.25” thick.

The high-quality automotive-grade LED's, plastics and electro-polished (passivated) stainless steel are unique to our products. TecNiq engineers leveraged their decades of experience in LED lighting to locate the best value, next-generation LED sources and combined them with our unique world-leading technologies to create these unbelievable area lights.

•Stylish and thin case easily fits into your design needs
•Reliable performance over 50,000 hours
•Highly-polished stainless steel trim with other finishes and frosted lens available
•Shock and vibration proof, as well as moisture-resistant design
•Quickly mount using either two #4 or #6 screws that are hidden by the lens
•Always cool to the touch
•Lifetime Warranty
•Applications: Countertops • Cabinets • Work areas • RV walkways • In-vehicle utility lighting • Toolboxes or anywhere you need durable, low profile light.