Evolution LED Under Aerial Floodlight

Item #: FRC-FCA300-V15
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The hinge style mounting brackets attach to the top of the lamphead and adjust 90 degrees. The light has a profile of less than 4 9/16" with the brackets set at 0 degrees and less than 6 7/8" with the brackets adjusted to 90 degrees. Wiring extends from the rear of the lamphead.

The lamphead directs 50 percent of the light onto the action area while providing 50 percent to illuminate the working area. The lamphead incorporates heat-dissipating fins. Lamphead and brackets are powder coated white. The floodlight is for fire service use.


  • The lamphead has eight (8) ultra-bright white LEDs
  • It operates at 12/24 volts DC, draws 13/6.5 amps, and generates 15,000 lumens.
  • Lamphead is no more than 6 1/2" deep by 4 9/16" high by 11 1/2" wide