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LEADER Search is the world’s ONLY seismic wireless life detector, designed to detect the presence of trapped or entombed victims and pinpoint them with great accuracy. The highly sensitive seismic sensors will detect even the slightest sign of life;

tapping, scratching, banging, voices or any other indicator of viable victims, regardless of the nature of their entrapment

ie. rubble, snow, mud etc..

LEADER Search is the next generation of the already established Audio ResQ wireless system. It uses many of the unique key features but is also lighter in weight, more compact and has a new interface with user friendly menu and graphics. It offers greater ergonomics for improved use, increasing speed and efficiency.

LEADER Search detects the presence of buried victims under rubble and identifies their exact location using Wireless and/or Wired ultra-sensitive seismic sensors.

Furthermore, LEADER Search allows two-way communication with the victim once they are found thanks to its communication probe waterproof up to 2 meters.

Thanks to its lightweight and compact control box and thanks to its new clearly interface, LEADER Search allow a detection and a victims location more faster.

It was specifically designed as equipment for specialized rescue teams as the USAR teams.


  • NEW control box lightweight (1.225 kg) and compact (L 24.4 x H 15.5 x P4.9 cm) designed specifically for search application!
  • Extra-large full color screen (5” – 800x480 px)
  • Usable with 1 to 6 seismic sensors to cover a wider area :
    • Up to 3 wireless sensors with about 330 ft range (100 m)
    • Up to 3 wired sensors with 26 ft (8m) cables each
    • New interface with user friendly menu and graphics
    • Adjustable high and low noise filters to eliminate unwanted noises from pneumatic drills, breakers, vehicles, wind, power cables, etc
    • Up to 2 high performance noise reducing headsets with microphone for clear communication with victims
    • PTT function using a watertight two way communication probe to talk with buried victims (included in full 3 wireless + 3 wired sensors versions. It is an option for other versions)
    • Color coded waterproof connectors for easy identification
    • Small rechargeable battery pack interchangeable with LEADER Cam and Hasty (L 6,5 x H 13 x P 3 cm)
    • Spare clam shell to be used with 10 AA batteries
    • Standard running time of about 5 hours (3.5 hours recharge time)
    • Operating temperature of -68°F to +140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
    • Storage temperature of -104°F to +158°F (-40°C to 70°C)


    • Control box with hand strap and neck strap
    • Rugged, waterproof and shockproof carrying case
    • Comes complete with its practical sunshade
    • Optional magnets and spikes to allow use on metal debris, loose soil, snow etc. By attaching to the bottom of the sensors

    LEADER Search meets the operational requirements of the world's leading Search and Rescue Teams (INSARAG, TFT, SUSAR Teams, NGOs, etc)