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Detects structural movements to alert SAR and / or firefighting teams during rescue or fire responses.

    • Detect a 0.2 inch (5 mm) movement at a distance of 100 feet (30 m).
    • A telescope mounted on the projector allows the LEADER Sentry to precisely focus on the targeted building or unstable structure.

LEADER Sentry continuously detects and warns of any movement.

    • Various maximum movement thresholds (stepped from 0.2” to 4” (5mm -100mm) can be selected. When any movement monitored exceeds the selected threshold, the audible alarm is activated.
    • Powered by 8 x lithium AA batteries which allow 14 hours run time. The Sentry can be powered by an external 12V source for continuous run.
    • Various alarm sounds to differentiate between alarm, fault, etc.
    • Simple Set-up
    • 2 beams (optional) can operate simultaneously on one single monitor to watch simultaneously 2 sides of a collapsed building or two different building !
    • 100 foot (30m) range
    • Audible & Visual alarm
    • Works in either Metric (mm) or Imperial (inches)
    • Rain resistant
    • OLED screen: excellent clarity even in bright sunlight
    • Gives real time movement status on screen

Specifications :LEADER-Sentry (Case containing the Display + 1 Laser equipped with 4m of cable + 1 Tripod) :
      • 25.6” X 20.1” X 9.5" (650 x 510 x 242 mm)
      • 33 pounds (15 kg) approximate