Meret Limited Edition Hot Pink TFAK and EFAK Pro X

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To support Breast Cancer Awareness and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, we are releasing LIMITED EDITION MERET TFAKs™ PRO X and EFAKs™ PRO X EMT in HOT PINK. 10% of sales will be donated directly to the BCRF organization to support their efforts in ending breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research. BCRF is the largest private funder of breast cancer research—and metastatic breast cancer research—worldwide and is the highest-rated breast cancer organization in the country. Learn more about BCRF and how you can help by visiting

The TFAK™ PRO X and EFAK™ PRO X are designed to help you easily carry and deploy EMT supplies or trauma first aid in a very compact, hands free kit, with a lot of capacity and customizable configuration.

Trauma or Response ready, these packs provide easy access to gloves and other supplies without opening the main compartment. Gloves can be easily removed from the outer access hole while remaining organized in an inner elastic pouch. Shears, pens, pen lights, radios, pagers, light sticks , cleaning agents, protection sprays, and a rescue knife can be inserted and secured into elastic sleeves on the front, top, and sides of the EFAK™ PRO X. The larger TFAK™ PRO X can carry a variety of gear including tourniquets, Celox, bandages, guaze, Raptor shears, Nitrile gloves, pens, cleaning agents, a rescue knife, and more. Flip open the main compartment of either bag to secure N95 masks, shoe/ head covers, eye protection, hand sanitizer, bandages, and more.

The TFAK™ PRO X and EFAK™ PRO X are constructed from waterproof, durable, wipe-clean tarpaulin, and are designed specifically to easily clean and remove blood borne pathogens.

Supplies shown in images are not included.

• Infection Control Complete (ICC), constructed from wipe-clean infection control materials internally and externally.

• Double stitching on all stress points

• Front name tape area, MERET tape included

• Elastic internal pouch for gloves with outer access

• Securable outer elastic sleeves to secure supplies

• Secured shears pocket

• XL riveted belt clip and wide belt loops for up to 2.5” wide belt webbing

TFAK™ PRO X Product Dimensions: 8" x 4.5" x 1.5"
Product Weight: 11oz standard, 8 oz infection control
M4L Lifetime Warranty

EFAK™ PRO X Product Dimensions: 6.25" x 4.5" x 1"
Product Weight: 8 oz
M4L Lifetime Warrant