Petzl WILLIAM H-frame carabiner

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Pear-shaped carabiner for belay stations and belaying with Munter hitch A large carabiner can come in handy in many places. This one's shape and size means it's useful for belaying and rappelling with the Munter hitch with single or double ropes, anchoring multiple ropes and slings and keeping the belay station organized. Pear shape facilitates use with the Munter hitch for single or double ropes
Large shape and gate opening can fit multiple slings and ropes
Keylock system
Available with manual locking system (SCREW-LOCK) or auto-locking systems (BALL-LOCK, TRIACT-LOCK)
- 90 g (SL)
- 94 g (BL)
- 88 g (TL)
Material: aluminum 7000
Colors: As shown, or all black for Screw-Lock and Triact-Lock
Breaking strength:
- major axis: 25 kN
- open gate: 7 kN
- cross-loaded: 7 kN
Gate opening:
24 mm (TL and BL), 25 mm (SL)
CE EN 362, EN 12275 types B & H / UIAA (M36 SL, M36 BL only)
3-year guarantee
Item Numbers: M36 M36SL M36SLN M36BL M36TL M36TLN