Portable Traffic Arrow

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When we say that this traffic arrow is portable, we're not kidding.
This arrow measures 32" wide X 18" high. It sturdy Black vinyl and is equipped with heavy duty magnets and grommets for universal mounting.
You quickly mount this to your trunk or rear of your SUV or even on the side of your vehicle. When you are done, simply roll it up and put it away!
Click below to see this unit in action. It is powered by 3 "AA" batteries that give you 100 hours of constant operation. Here is the best part. It rolls up neatly into a pouch for easy storage.
This unit is a MUST for Fire Police, Police, or anyone who is on the road and needs to direct traffic. It is small enough to store in your trunk, but big enough to move traffic.

Rolled up the unit is a mere 4" wide. You have to see this to believe it! The arrows are equipped with 9 super bright LED each arrow as well as each arrow being reflective See this sign in ACTION, click here to view it