Single Spring Stand for Rigid and Roll Up Signs

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The SafeZone Series SZ-412-S is the single spring-loaded version of our popular SZ-412. The single coil spring adds additional weight and redundancy to compensate for increased wind loads. The SZ-412-S is primarily used along the sides of state highways and interstates where wind loads are greater and more frequent. Features:
Lightweight design / 23 lbs.
Compact for ease in storage / less than one cubic foot when stored
Single Spring Design
Both pull pin and kick release of legs
3 separate height adjustments for uneven terrain
Bright orange colored legs for extra visibility on curbs and sidewalks
Powder -coated and zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance
The SZ-412-S is ideal for Utility Companies, Mowing Crews, Road Contractors & Underground Boring Companies using roll-up reflective and mesh signs. Item Number SZ412S