Throat Mic with Finger PTT Mic

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The TM100 Throat microphone is the perfect device for those in high noise environments. This is a two-wire throat mic, the wire for the push-to-talk (PTT) button splits away to attach to your finger. This is a great option for paintball and airsoft, or other situations where the hands are not free to reach for the talk button. A clear surveillance style earpiece with mushroom tipped connector fits securely inside either ear. •Flexible throat microphone wraps around neck and transmits from vibrations in the throat. Background noise is not transmitted.
•Clear surveillance style tube wraps behind the ear with earpiece fitting securely inside the ear.
•Two-wire design allows Push-to-talk button to be attached to finger (or other location) for ultimate convenience (round hook and loop fastener included)
•Includes two mushroom tipped earpieces (one clear, one peach)
•Great for those needing a flexible location for the push-to-talk button, such as paintball players, or for those in high wind / noise environments
•Connectors available: K1, M1, M6, S2, S6, S8, and Y4
•One Year Manufacturer warranty
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