Lakeland Industries ChemMax®1

Lakeland's ChemMax1 with sealed seams is well suited for protection in situations where exposure may occur. Lakeland’s ChemMax1 fabric passes both ASTM F16701 and ASTM F16712 test methods for protection from blood penetration and bloodborne pathogens. ChemMax1 also goes above and beyond the ASTM tests by performing at the highest possible levels in the more comprehensive European Norms (EN) and ISO testing standards related to infectious agents. The performance of ChemMax1 in testing protocols from around the world, combined with sealed seams for increased protection against fluid penetration; makes it easy to see why many humanitarian groups are trusting Lakeland’s ChemMax1 for protection. Entry level Chemical Protective Garment. You've come to expect quality from Lakeland Industries. Weve utilized our vast knowledge in the industry to develop a superior product in ChemMax® 1. Offering quality along with durability, this cost-effective entry level product will please distributors, safety engineers and plant purchasing managers. Whether you are in manufacturing, environmental clean up or chemical handling, you can trust the ChemMax® family of products to protect your workers from harm. ChemMax® is constructed with a unique polyethylene barrier film and a continuous filament polypropylene nonwoven. ChemMax® 1 garments bar many harmful contaminants from penetrating to inner clothing. ChemMax® fits the Lakeland standard at a price you can afford. Available with serged, bound and sealed seams for scalability.

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