Majestic Moisture Membrane Firefighting Hoods

Unlike any 2 ply "sock hood" on the market 45 TPP - and that's with just 2 layers of material,(over 53 TPP after 5 washes)!! 2 ply hood-inner layer being the MOISTURE MEMBRANE layer.

3 elements need for fire = Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel. Without one element, a fire cannot start or continue When exposed to flame, C6 fibers expand, creating an Oxygen starved environment so fire cannot continue.

Material is self extinguishing.
Odor neutralizing, Anti-Static, Low Heat Conductivity.
Wider width for air circulation keeping end user cooler.
Generous width and size means less fabric stretch.
The more surface area for moisture disbursement, the quicker moisture will evaporate - keeping end user dry!
Maintains protective properties after washing.
Finished to minimize shrinkage.
MFA hoods offer the most square inches of protection!

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