5-Pack EZ-Stor Road Cones

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EZ-STOR Collapsable Road Cones
Our 5-Pack EZ-Stor Road cones are what you need to meet the NFPA regulations.
This pack gives you 5 MUTCD Cones that also have 5 powerful LED lights in the bottom. The cone lights are powered by 2 "AA" batteries.
The cones include the 5 pack EZ carry bag.
EZ-Stor Road Safety Cones are collapsible Road Cones that meet Federal standards. Imagine carrying five (5) 28" road safety cones in the trunk of your vehicle while only using about 1 cubic foot of space. Each Ez-Stor road safety cone also has a cluster of 5 LED interior warning lights in the bottom of each and an extra attachable LED light for the top adding extra night time safety. Each set includes a custom carry case. These ez-stor road safety cones are a must have for Law Enforcement, Firepolice units, Fire apparatus, EMS, Utility Company supervisors or anyone who values their safety but also values the space in their vehicle. Item not eligible for any shipping promos