Black Diamond X2 Boot, 14" Leather Fusion Structural Boots

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Black Diamond X2 Boot, 14" Leather Fusion Structural Boots

Tougher, more protective, and better fitting, Black Diamond's 14" Leather Fusion Structural X2 Boots are worthy to be called "Battle Ready."

The next generation of Black Diamond Footwear starts here. The exceptional X2 Boot combines the latest in footwear technology and fire industry innovations into a structural firefighting boot that truly breaks new ground. Unique new features and old-fashioned quality construction come together to improve fit, durability, protection, comfort, speed, and even looks.

But most importantly, the new X2 will keep you safer. Black Diamond Footwear takes the CROSSTECH© Moisture Barrier, W.L. Gore's most advanced moisture barrier for structural fire boots, and makes it even better with an advanced Omaha lining. It's a superior mil-spec combination originally developed for aggressive military applications that marries the ultra waterproof/breathable barrier protection and performance of the CROSSTECH© membrane with the advanced moisture-wicking and smooth comfort of the Omaha lining.

Plus Black Diamond uses traditional stitch-down Strobel construction to fasten the lining securely into place to prevent bunching and pull-out. We don't think you'll find a more comfortable combination anywhere. The X2 Boots are not only a better solution, but also the new standard.

  • Unique removable footbed provides advanced protection and a comfortable fit for almost every firefighter--accommodates medium, wide, and extra-wide feet in one boot size!
  • Hybrid Leather/Fusion Upper combines FireTuff© Leather, rubber cladding, and a Nomex/Kevlar/Teflon F.P.P.E. blend for more performance with less weight
  • 3-point Heel Lock/Ankle Guard gently holds the heel in place for a secure, comfortable fit and improved protection
  • Calf-Fit System with FR elastic insert comfortably accommodates all size calves
  • Integrated Pull Straps & built-in Boot Jack enables easier donning and doffing, whether wet or dry
  • Certified NFPA 1971 (Structural Fire Fighting)


  • Boot Height: 14"
  • Leather Upper: FireTuff flame retardant waterproof Heavyweight Leather Upper
  • Fusion Upper: Fusion fabric - Nomex®/Kevlar® and Teflon® F.P.P.E.
  • Strobel Lining Construction: Strobel lining construction ensures NO liner pull-out, maximum fit and comfort.
  • Lining: CROSSTECH® membrane with Omaha lining
  • Kevlar® Lining: Kevlar® lined for cut protection
  • Tibia Protector: Extended Comfort form-fitting shin-guard for maximum protection
  • Calf-Fit System: Exclusive calf-fit system allows for extended CALF WIDTH, maximum flexibility, comfort and fit
  • Footbed: ORTHOLITE® 3-density, multi-fit, removable footbed with TPU heel cradle for comfort, anti-odor, anti-fungal, breathable and shock absorption for overtime comfort
  • Outsole: Proprietary Rubber Comfort Cup Sole with Comfort Flex, High Abrasion and Traction Performance. Built-in Heel Boot Jack for Easy-Off
  • Steel Toe: Oblique, comfort Wide Toe with Steel Toe Protection
  • Toe Cap and Heel Protection: Molded Rubber Toe Cap and Heel for High Abrasion and Angle Support Guard Protection
  • Protective Plate: Stainless Steel - meets or exceeds standards listed below
  • Steel Shank: Double ridged steel
  • Pull-On System: Integrated & reinforced pull-on systems
  • 3-Point Heel Lock System: Exclusive 3-Point Heel Lock for Fit & Comfort
  • 3M Scotchlite®: Flame resistant and reflective for added visibility
  • Certification: NFPA 1971-2013 Edition
More secure fit from heel to toe: A unique three-point heel locking system has a rubber molded heel lock that cradles the foot to keep the heel positioned correctly, and held securely in place.

The system effectively ends slippage, preventing dangerous ankle roll and uncomfortable abrasion-problems that can reduce a firefighter's effectiveness, or worse, over a long, active day.

And because it adds to the life expectancy of the boot, it helps make this boot a better investment than boots that may cost less initially...but simply don't last.
More comfort underfoot: The unique Ortholite© Tri-density, multi-fit, removable comfort footbed has a breathable, anti-fungal rubber compound for odor prevention and a TPU heel cradle for shock absorption and all-around comfort.

But the X2 does even more to make your feet feel welcome. The Ortholite footbed is also "Multi-Fit." It includes two extra "filler layers" that can be removed or replaced to internally "change" the width-from Medium to Wide, or even Extra-Wide. All with the same boot.

No matter which width you normally wear, this boot simply fits. Even if your feet naturally swell during a long day in the heat, or from one day to the next. Or if a change of socks makes a change you can feel, these exceptional boots can be adjusted for the most comfortable fit.
More speed: Integrated pull straps are built right into the sides of the heavy leather collar. They provide a quick sure grip for fast donning. There are no sewn-on leather or nylon web pull straps to eventually pull out or break...and nothing to flop around, get dirty, or become uncomfortably bunched up in the top of your boot.

These boots are flexible where they need to be, but the construction of the durable leather and fusion shaft and built-in shin guards is designed to keep them standing upright for more support when you're in them, and easier donning when you're not-but need to be, fast. Plus they have a unique built-in boot jack that makes doffing almost laughably easy, even when wet.

About Black Diamond Group, Inc.
THE MISSION IS CLEAR, THE PURPOSE IS SIMPLE: BUILD THE BEST DAMN BOOT. Black Diamond is a leading brand of performance protective footwear. The company's highly acclaimed fire boots are used by fire departments around the world and are developed with the finest, most durable materials and components to endure the extraordinary demands placed on firefighters.

Black Diamond is the only brand in the industry to combine the latest technologies for superior comfort and performance in harsh conditions. They are the only boots to be certified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and receive the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Approval.

APMA Accepted logo
Black Diamond is pleased to announce that it is the first fire boot to be awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the APMA. The APMA Seal of Acceptance Program was created to inform podiatric physicians and consumers about products whose quality, safety and effectiveness promote good foot health.

In order to qualify for the Seal products must pass a grueling scientific evaluation by a panel of APMA members and rigorous testing at a recognized laboratory.  The results are then evaluated by a committee of Doctors of Podiatric Medicine who decide to grant or deny the use of the Seal.


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