Custom Accountability Tags (Min. order - 10 pieces)

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Accountability Tag with engraved text. Accountability Tags are issued to each firefighter. Then the firefighters are trained that they must “tag in” (give his tag to the Safety or Sector Officer) before entering the structure. Immediately upon exiting the structure the firefighter must collect his tag so the Officer knows he returned safely. Many Departments use a two tag system where they also “tag in” to the truck. This is useful to the Incident Commander when evaluating the available resources.

Accountability tags are engraved durable plastic and are available in various colors and formats. Color coding can be used to differentiate Interior firefighters, Probies, Medics etc. as well as differentiate Fire Companies and Departments within a Mutual Aid Group.  Tags are have white letters standard but black letters can be done for an extra charge, tags can also be engraved on both sides.

Weight 0.040625 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2.125 in