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The Officers Tool or "O-Tool" is another Fire Hooks Unlimited original design, invented by a firefighter, for firefighters. This tool meets the specifications of FDNY for their standard officer's tool, issued to each firefighting company for use by the officer at his option. It is made of high strength steel with the head welded to the shaft and forged. The shaft is covered with a non-slip gripping surface, and the shaft end of the tool is formed into a pry bar capable of slipping into tight spaces. The head of the tool has a flat driving surface, with an "A" type lock puller machined into the adz of the blade. It is used for "through-the-lock" method of forcible entry, the "A" lock puller will remove the lock cylinders from Mortise and Rim locks. The will will also remove key in the knob locks and tubular locks also. It can be used to remove the steel plates protecting the cylinders on some locks and always found protecting cylinders on the Fox Police Bar and Brace locks. After the protecting plate is removed, the cylinders can be pulled from the door and the lock opened.

The Fire Hooks Unlimted O-Tool is a unique tool can be purchased as a stand-alone bar or in the O-Tool Kit, featuring the O-Tool with "A" type lock puller and pry bar end, Celtex grip, Shove knife, and Kerry key which is a double ended key tool that can be stored conveniently inside the nonslip grip on the tool's shaft. The O-Tool removes the lock cylinder, the Kerry Key slides or turns the mechanism. The straight blade of the key tool is used to open most rim locks. Regardless of the lock cylinder's tail assembly shape, flat, square half moon or cross, the straight blade is inserted into the lock and turned to open the lock. The angled blade will slide the latch on the mortise locks to open them. The Shove knife is used to slip the spring latch locks found on many key in the knob locks and used in many commercial and office buildings without damage to the doors or lock assemblies. This kit is an ideal assigned tool in separation from ladder companies in hi-rise fires, search, and examination procedures or can be carried just for added protection in all fire and emergency conditions.


  • Rim Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Tubular Locks
  • Key-in-Knob Locks
  • Fox Police Brace Locks
  • Fox Police Double Locks
  • Probes During Primary Search
  • Vent Windows
  • Makes Examination Holes
  • Serves as a Portable Pry Bar
  • Removes Locks on Car Trunks