Flex Fire Hydrant Marker

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Flex Fire Hydrant Marker is fastened right onto the hydrant itself. Reflective tape and Hydrant Decals - optional.

Flex Fire Hydrant Marker can be flexed in any direction without damage. The hinge is so supple that a fireman can easily bend the post out of the way to access the operating nut, steam and port caps. Hoses do not become entangled. Flex Fire Hydrant Marker puts safety first. The hollow Bayer configuration is securely closed at the top to keep out foreign objects. The mounting bracket and post end are rounded to prevent injury to children, pets and fire hoses. As an additional safety measure, the hinge return action is slowed so that the post cannot be used as a whip.The post is highly visible, fade resistant and virtually indestructible with normal use.

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