Foxfire Do-It-Yourself Illumination Kit

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Foxfire Do-It-Yourself Illumination Kit
Paint doors, lockers, tools, door wedges, stairs, railings, equipment and more to glow in the dark and illuminate your surroundings. Each kit contains a two-part industrial grade epoxy, primer and application tools.
-Coat tools and equipment to increase visibility and positional orientation
-Coat stair railings, stairs and more to make buildings safer in the event of a power failure
-Can be charged by any light source (sun, artificial light, low light)
-Will illuminate surroundings for up to 17 hours when fully charged
-May be recharged repeatedly
-Glow/illumination serves as a “light emitter”
-Energy efficient, eco-friendly and no batteries required
-Can withstand high temperatures

This coating kit contains everything you need to make tools, hydrants, ladder tips, stair railings, stair steps and more illuminate their surroundings for up to an hour and provide glow for up to 17 hours. Each kit contains a two-part industrial grade epoxy, primer, mixing and application tools. The kits contain enough product to coat several tool handles.
Items painted with Foxfire coating kits may be repeatedly charged by any type of light condition, however the brighter the light the brighter and longer the illumination and glow.

Do it Yourself Uses:
-Stair railings
-Hose nozzles
-Door wedges