FoxFury Nomad NOW Area-Spot Light with Remote: Multi-Unit Activation

Item #: FF-200-400-100
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Adaptive area light and spotlight with remote that activates multiple units. Compact Scene Light with remote that instantly provides up to 2,500 lumens for up to 24 hours. It converts from an area light to spotlight in seconds by way of its sliding diffuser lens. Multiple lights can be activated via the remote control provided. It is portable enough to go anywhere, is completely waterproof and adapts to your specific needs. Rest it on a flat surface, hang it or mount it on a tripod (or the included utility mount) and you have a well-lit work area and two free hands. Multiple NOWs can be stacked to provide additional or multidirectional light. Its rechargeable and cordless design means no noisy, heavy generator is needed. If you have its AC/DC Adaptor plugged in, the Nomad NOW provides continuous light. First responders, industrial professionals and photographers around the globe rely on the NOW for lighting on the go. NOTE: The multi unit activation feature should not be used in tactically sensitive situations. [Patent Pending]