High Rise Tool Pack

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Tool Pack is made of heavy 18-oz Red RipStop Vinyl with reflective ANSI Triple-Trim on both sides of pack. Webbing is sewn completely around the tool pack to support equipment. Designed to hold two 60-degree Elbows, a 2-1/2" Line Gauge, Spanner Wrenches, short “pony” lengths of 2-1/2” hose, and multiple Hinge Hooks. Unique Features: Padded sides and three internal padded compartments to prevent damage to tools and equipment Includes three internal pockets, 7"high each, to securely hold spanner wrenches for quick retrieval, even with gloves on Reinforced hard bottom covered in extra layer of MagnaTuff® material Top Tool Pack cover is adjustable, and secured with 2" quick-release buckles on the front of the bag. Includes padded shoulder strap
Note: Bag can be made to custom dimensions, if desired. Call us for details.
Dimensions: 16”L x 12”H x 6”D