Hose Tester/Pressure Washer

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Our HT 100 is easy to use, comes standard with four outlets, stainless steel ball valves. Pumps 3 gallons a minute @ 600 PSI. Capable of testing up to 6" diameter hose, and up to 300 ft per discharge.
The wheeled cart fits through a standard 36" door way
Also included is a built-in pressure washer with 50 ft. of 3/8" non-marking hose, quick release heavy duty wand & handle, a quick connect injector and metering valve for adding cleaning agents to water supply and a stainless steel nozzle with stream straightener.
Pressure washer unit can be removed from wheeled cart for ease of use.
HT100 - Hose Tester with Pressure Washer (shown)
HT156 - Hose Tester with Pressure Washer (6 Outlets)
HT50 - Hose Tester without Pressure Washer
HT56 - Hose Tester without Pressure Washer (6 Outlets)
Pressure Washer System included
Complies with NFPA standards
1-1/2" connection standard
Built-in Tool Tray
Stainless Steel Ball Valves
3 Gallons a Minute @ 600 PSI
Capable of Testing up to 6" dia. Hose
300 ft. per Discharge
Heavy Duty Wand & Handle
50 ft of 3/8" Non-Marking Hose
Quick Connect Injector and Metering Valve for Adding Cleaning Agents
Wheeled Cart
Fits Standard 36" Door Way
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