Illuminating Foxfire/Box Alarm Leather Anti-Sway Strap

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MN8-Foxfire has collaborated with Box Alarm Leather, another fellow firefighter owned and operated company, to add Foxfire’s advanced photoluminescent technologies to Box Alarm’s firefighter products.
These products combine MN8-Foxfire’s advanced illumination technology with 3M’s flame resistant reflective fabric and Box Alarm Leather’s lifetime guaranteed products made from high quality bridle leather.
The Illuminating Foxfire/Box Alarm Leather Anti-Sway Straps are made with 8-10 oz. bridle leather that comes from hides that are tanned in the United States, combined with Foxfire’s advanced illumination technology. This technology enables the radio straps to illuminate in dark and smoky conditions.
- 6” in length and cut into ½” widths
- Riveted and stitched for heavy duty work and longevity
- Can be charged quickly and repeatedly by any light source, will illuminate surroundings for hours when fully charged
- Carry a lifetime guarantee. If your strap becomes unusable due to any reason other than theft, loss or deliberate damage, we will repair or replace it at no cost.