Illuminating SCBA Facepiece Identifier MSA

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Quickly and easily identify individual firefighters through the use of reflective colors with the last name backlit by Foxfire's illuminating background.

-This firefighter developed product easily adheres to MSA style SCBA masks
-Designed to not interfere with the field of view of the mask.
-Illuminating background with reflective lettering to easily identify individuals and units through the use of colors and illumination in no light, low light or smoky conditions
- Features high temperature resistant substrate infused with Foxfire’s Advanced Photoluminescent Technology
- Increases visibility and positional orientation
- Can be charged quickly and repeatedly by any light source (sun, artificial light, low light)
- Will illuminate for hours when fully charged
- Designed to resist high temperatures and clean easily
-Customizable individual firefighter name (or unit, department, crew, etc.)
-Reflective lettering available in red, green, black, silver, blue or orange
Three of the biggest risks faced by firefighters are disorientation, visibility and accountability (for both individuals and tools). Foxfire’s illuminating SCBA facepiece identifiers assist firefighters by improving positional orientation and making personal easy to locate and individually identify.
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