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Does your jump bag look like the junk drawer at your house? Rending life saving emergency aid requires you to act fast, and you can’t do that if you can’t find the supplies you need in a timely manner. The LXMBP8 is the premium cousin to our LXMBP4 pouches. Each set consists of four large color-coded zipper accessory pouches with for organizing your medical supplies. Our pouch is designed with a clear vinyl window for easing viewing and quick identification of the contents. These pouches can be added to any medical bag, from any brand, not just Lightning X (although they fit great in our MB30, MB35 and MB65). While the smaller LXMBP4’s include an interior pocket, the LXMBP8’s feature an upper and lower pocket with a Velcro webbing strap for securing loose items. On the lower half of the pouch there are two large elastic loops for holding items like Israeli Bandages and CAT Tourniquets, plus 10 smaller elastic loops which are great for nasal and berman airways, trauma shears, pen lights or ampules. Great for mutual aid calls where those assisting may not know the arrangement of your medical bags; just tell them what color bag to give you (“hey, I need a pediatric non-rebreather mask – Billy Bob – throw me the green bag”). This is a set of 4 pouches – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Includes a limited lifetime warranty from Lightning X Products. Each pouch measures approximately 9″(L) x 7″(W) x 4″(D) and features double zipper pulls and a webbing loop for quick grab capability. Don’t be a hoarder, organize your first aid kit with a set of LXMBP8 pouches from Lightning X Products! Disclaimer: Only the 4 colored pouches are included (duh), medical supplies are shown for demonstration purposes only.

About this item

  • Will work with any brand medical/trauma/emt bag – Not just Lightning X (although they fit great in our MB30, MB35 and MB65)
  • Great for triage or mutual aid purposes where someone helping you might not know your setup (“Hey Billy Bob, I need a pediatric NRB, throw me that green bag”)
  • Clear vinyl window for easy identification of contents (yep, you don’t even have to open the bag to see what’s in it)
  • Includes 4 color coded accessory organizer pouches (so your trauma bag doesn’t look like the bottom of the junk drawer at your house)
  • Each pouch measures 9″(L) x 7″(w) x 4″(D) (and that’s a conservative measurement, you can definitely stuff it fuller)