Lightning X TacMed ALS Oxygen Trauma Backpack w/ Modular Pouch System

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Lightning X TacMed ALS Oxygen Trauma Backpack w/ Modular Pouch System

The LXMB60 was built with EMS in mind. Our tactical backpack was built to comfortably carry a heavy load

of medical supplies, and the modular design allows for configurations with and without an O2 cylinder.

The contoured yoke shoulder straps and integrated waist belt helps evenly spread the weight of the bag across the user’s body.

Built with 10 zippered compartments, 8 elastic compartments, 6 color-coded removable pouches and a multitude of elastic tool loops – the MB60 has ample storage room and makes for easy organization for all your supplies.

The main compartment has a hook and loop system which allows the user to arrange the color-coded pouches and the removable cylinder sleeve anywhere on the back panel of the bag. Don’t need a cylinder? Just remove the sleeve and straps and you now have room for all 6 pouches in the main compartment. Want to add a cylinder? Arrange 4 of the colored pouches around the center of the compartment and place the other two in the side pockets. Alternately, the pouches and cylinder sleeve can be removed altogether to make room for bulkier items.

The top front pocket on the MB60 opens to the main compartment to allow access to the O2 regulator without having to open the main hold to remove the cylinder. Finally, the front of the backpack features laser cut MOLLE loops that are great for storing quick access tools or attaching additional MOLLE compatible pouches or gear.

All in all, the MB60 is designed to adapt to a variety of EMS applications and is sure to provide you with years of worry-free use!