Majestic Structural Firefighting Glove Gauntlet

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Majestic Structural Firefighting Glove Gauntlet


60+ TPP - the highest thermal protective heat rating attainable according to NFPA 1971 - current edition

Durable "Wash & Wear" Leather Outer - is combined with highly engineered performance features resulting in a superior heat and flame resistant glove that's comfortable to wear

Pyrotect® Moisture Barrier - breathable waterproof barrier that defends against blood-borne pathogens and provides critical protection from hazardous liquids.

Kovenex™Inner Liner - is a blend of high-performance FR fibers with unsurpassed levels of heat blocking burn protection. The liner is both bonded and sewn to ensure efficient donning and doffing preventing liner pull-out Gathered Close Fitting Wrist in the MFA82 glove along with an inside leather hang loop

-MFA82 "gauntlet" style effectively interfaces with turnout gear that has built-in wristlets


Superior Design Features - a true three-dimensional form fitting glove

-Curved, forchetted fingers with fold over, seamless fingertips=enhanced dexterity

-Keystone thumb for the most freedom movement

Soft Flexible & Abrasion Resistant one piece back shell and reinforced "double" cowhide palm offers increased durability and ease of movement when using tools, handling hoses and ropes when both wet or dry


Majestic Structural Firefighting Glove Gauntlet | Emergency Responder Products